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The enviromental impact of single serve coffee pods

In his 2014 book on coffee, Caffeinated, journalist Murray Carpenter crunched the numbers to find that discarded “K-Cups”—single-serve coffee capsules, or “pods,” used in Keurig coffee makers—could circle the globe almost 11 times. That meant 8.3 billion in 2013, and … Continue reading

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Brazilian Scientists discover Painkiller Substances in Coffee

In 2004, Embrapa succeeded in determining the sequence of coffee’s functional genome and the discovery made it possible to combine coffee genes with a view to improving the quality of coffee grains. Thanks to this achievement, they have now discovered … Continue reading

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A cloud in Brazil sends the market on a spiral

New York moves lower on forecasts for rains to return to Brazil production areas this week.  Brazil will get a few showers this week and better chances for precipitation beginning on Friday.  SOMAR said that parts of the region would … Continue reading

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Kopi Luwak on the cupping table

On January 9, venerable Sacramento roaster/retailer Temple Coffee tweeted about a “controversial cupping.” A wholesale client of ours recently returned from a trip to Bali. Being a well-intentioned coffee enthusiast, he generously brought us a bag of kopi luwak, a.k.a. … Continue reading

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Colombia: 12.1 million 60 kilo coffee bags during 2014

BOGOTA – Colombia, the world’s leading producer of mild washed Arabica coffee, produced a total of 12.1 million 60 kilo coffee bags during 2014. Average national productivity reached 15.26 60 kilo coffee bags per hectare, establishing 2014 as the year … Continue reading

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Kenyan State raises concern over low coffee production

NAIROBI: The Government has expressed concern that Kenya might lose its position in the global market owing to sharp decline in coffee production. The country is currently producing about 50,000 metric tonnes compared to 130,000 recorded in 1988/89 coffee year. … Continue reading

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Roya, still around? El Salvador cuts 30% its crop estimate

El Salvador cut its coffee forecast for the current harvest by about one-third as the Central American nation struggles to control an outbreak of leaf rust, Coffee Association President Sergio Ticas said. Rain at the end of last year and … Continue reading

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Dunkin vs Starbucks

Think Starbucks has a stranglehold on the American coffee market?  You must not be from the Northeast.  When it comes to getting a cup of joe, Starbucks is the place to go for many but its rival Dunkin’ Donuts is … Continue reading

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VOA: Will Chinese Drink Coffee over Tea?

Asia has long tradition of tea-drinking. And China is noexception. However, lately more and more Chinese people areturning to a different drink. Coffee has become anincreasingly popular choice of Chinese people livingabroad and in the country’s huge cities. It is also apopular crop among those living in the mountains ofsouthern Yunnan Province. In big cities such as Beijing, coffee shops seem to be in nearly every major street corner. These shops are not just selling drinks from Starbucks, the world-famous coffee … Continue reading

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2015 First Week, a contrarian’s dream as weather strikes back

As we said in our last comment the bearish consensus at the end of 2014 was overwhelming, if a contrarian dared to bet against that consensus, he would have earned the jackpot. What happened?  Mother Nature, once more.  It is … Continue reading

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