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Watch a Video Tour of Berlin’s Specialty Coffee Scene

Here’s a video chronicling the specialty coffee scene in Berlin, featuring everyone from roasters to baristas to cafe owners in Germany’s largest city. The tour features stops to Bonanza Coffee, Cafe 9, and Tres Cabezas, and a recurring theme suggests … Continue reading

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The Guardian: With climate change decimating the harvest, caring about coffee is not just hipster

Last month, and within a week of the UN issuing a bitter warning about how climate change was decimating coffee growing around the world, the London coffee festival took place in Brick Lane. At first glance, these two events seem … Continue reading

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Volcafe released a lower crop estimate today, how High Frequency Traders manage those news.

The following is an extract of a Wharton article regarding High Frequency Trading,  The news that you read today as you noticed it, was “read”, analyzed and acted upon by a computer in the 0.3 seconds after it was published! … Continue reading

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ICO: Current Drought is: “the largest climate anomaly since the ‘Black Frost’ of 1975″

Ongoing uncertainty over the Brazilian  coffee  crop has  caused significant fluctuations  in  coffee prices  during  March,  with  monthly  volatility  of the  ICO  composite indicator price exceeding 10% in both March and February. The daily price of the ICO composite ranged from  a  high  of  177.29 US  cents/lb to  a  low  of  153.33  in  less than ten  days.  The monthly  average  of  165.03 US  cents/lb was  nearly  20%  higher than  February,  and the  highest monthly  level  in two  years. … Continue reading

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The Guardian: Coffee Prices hit two year highs

Coffee bean prices have hit their highest level in more than two years amid fears that droughts in Brazil could lead to a global shortage of coffee. The price of arabica beans – the most popular variety – has risen … Continue reading

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Brazil is considering releasing government stocks

SAO PAULO: Brazilian coffee producers are asking the government to consider selling the estimated 1.6 million bags in its stocks to curb price volatility and speculation as market players wait for more details on the extent of drought damage to … Continue reading

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More on Brazil’s drought: Al Jazeera coverage

Tres Pontes, Brazil – Hugo Brito frowns as he examines berries plucked from a coffee bush on his family’s plantation. Opening one of the berries with a pocket knife, he shows a visitor what’s worrying him about this year’s crop. … Continue reading

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Starbucks growth in India

NEW DELHI: The world’s largest coffee chain Starbucks Coffee Co. is expanding aggressively in India even as its competitors, including global rivals such as Costa Coffee and Gloria Jean’s Coffees, are having a tough time in the country’s cafe market. … Continue reading

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