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At the University of Texas the iBarista Bot makes its debut, and yes it has Costa Rica inside!

Today, the Austin-based Briggo Coffee introducedthe “intelligent” Coffee Haus on the campus of the University of Texas, a fully automated kiosk that  allows customers to place pre-orders via smartphone and receive a text when their caffeinated drinks are ready, “eliminating the long … Continue reading

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Bloomberg reports problems with Indonesia’s Harvest

Coffee shipments from Indonesia, the third-largest producer of the robusta variety, will probably drop the most in six years as wetter-than-usual weather rots beans and cuts the harvest. Sales may plunge 19 percent to 6 million bags this year, according to … Continue reading

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124,000 bags of certified arabica damaged in Antwerp

Some 124,600 bags of certified coffee have been flagged as nondeliverable by ICE U.S. after heavy rainfall may have damaged the roof at an Antwerp-based coffee warehouse, the exchange said in a notice on Monday after they received notification from warehouse … Continue reading

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Arabica share grows in the cafezinho blend

The Financial Times reports that: “For Brazilian coffee drinkers, their morning cafezinho may be tasting a bit smoother these days” The past ten years were characterized in Brazil by a steady growth of the share of Robusta in the average … Continue reading

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Lower prices boost roaster profits

The two-year slump in coffee prices is providing a profit boost for retailers,  as costs decline and consumers buy more.   Arabica-coffee futures plummeted 60 percent since reaching a 14-year high in May 2011.  Now,  in the 2013-2014 crop season  coffee … Continue reading

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Coffee lowers suicide risk

Researchers at Harvard University have discovered that drinking several cups of coffee per day appears to reduce the risk of suicide among adults by approximately 50 percent. The study, published earlier this month in the The World Journal of Biological Psychiatry, examined 43,599 men enrolled … Continue reading

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For when we have the wrong trade

Fear of Being Wrong – Trading by Bob Lang You made a trade that went against you and you’ve been sitting with a loss on the books.  This was not supposed to happen!  There was no way it could work … Continue reading

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Coffee, the new superfood

For those who want to turn back the clock, here’s something to chew on, or rather, drink to! It’s a Greek coffee that’s being hailed as the new superfood as those who drink it, have reportedly the highest rate of longevity.  Reports … Continue reading

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Single Cup Sales Keeps Skyrocketing

Single-Cup Coffee Continues to Brew Up Sales Storm, According to New Packaged Facts Report Total U.S. coffee market dollar sales grew an impressive 10% in 2012 thanks to a dramatic jump in single-cup brew segment, according to “Single-Cup Brew Beverage … Continue reading

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Roya, yes, it is still around

The Financial Times just had an article by Emiko Terazono  saying that  “Coffee fungus threatens disaster for Central America’s farmers”.   The market perception has become that the Roya outbreak was overblown, however the FT says that according to the Inter-American … Continue reading

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